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Prince Textreme Phantom Pro 93P

Introducing the Prince Phantom Pro 93P, a midsize player’s racquet with outstanding control and feel.  At over 12 ounces strung, the Phantom 93P feels solid at impact, and it has enough mass for driving the ball through the court.

The 18×20 string pattern not only gives this racquet pinpoint accuracy on full swings, but it has a generous sweetspot for a dense pattern.

The 93P comes with a CTS Beam, which goes from an ultra-thin 16mm shaft to only 20mm at the head. Factor in the 61 RA flex and you have a racquet with buttery feedback.

The 93P also benefits from Textreme, a super thin carbon fabric used in the throat to further increase stability at impact. From the baseline, this stick does not get pushed around, making it great for trading heavy balls with big hitters.

The compact head and 18×20 string pattern will keep your biggest swings inside the lines.  Although the swing weight is beefy, the head light balance gives the 93P decent speed. At net, the 93P rewards clean mechanics with an impressive combination of stability and touch.

Players who can get this stick moving fast will find enough precision on serves to target the corners of the service box. On service returns, this stick’s mass will help you keep blocks and counter-punches deep. Ultimately, with its thin beam, headlight balance and surgical control, the 93P is poised to become an instant classic. Fans of iconic midsize racquets from the past should love this one.

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