Tennis Restringing


With a wide selection of strings to choose from for restringing, you are sure to be able to get a string to achieve the maximum capability of the racket and your game. The machine we are using now is  the Babolat Star 5 tennis restringing machine  which is one of the latest restringing machines in town with many capabilities to bring out the maximum ability of the string .Our turnaround time for our tennis restringing services can be as fast as 30 minutes.

The following requests can be made to the stringer for your tennis restringing job


Pre Stretch - 10 or 20% ( very suitable for multifilament stings and natural gut)
Slow Pull - ( suitable for Kevlar and polyester strings )
Tensioning to one decimal point (for players who like to tweak their tension more precisely)



We also have a wide range of replacement grips and over grips to suit all your needs . We have solutions for people with small hands and sweaty hands. We are more than willing to help you put on the grip professionally as we always use a stapler to secure the replacement grip firmly to the butt. By letting us regrip your grip, you will not be found using a creased grip anymore.

Customization of grip



We are one of the only few tennis pro shop to have this service. We are able to professionally increase the grip size by 1/4 every time with our Built-Up sleeves. The Built up sleeves that is heat strunk to the grip clearly define the grooves of the tennis grip which many players are sensitive to. No more using over grips to increase the grip size. Email us to check the validity and prices of the built up sleeves